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I am not sure exactly what intrigues the audience, but it might be the hidden agendas, criminal activities, or luxurious lives that some mafia members live.

John F. Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald

Either way, one thing is for sure about the mafia, they are dangerous and are not afraid to kill to prove a point. But why do these men and some women join a group like this, how did it all begin? Below are 10 of the most notorious mafia hitmen with a little bit of a background story for each one. Sometimes, it is hard to imagine that criminals and awful people like this exist. It also amazes me how many of them got away with some of their brutal murders. These men are scary, dangerous, and not afraid of anything, even if it means severe consequences.

T he video prompted Monteiro to contact law enforcement. The officer was perplexed. Monteiro also attempted to contact the UK National Crime Agency NCA — but, he would later realise, he mistyped the email address and the message was not delivered. Monteiro resolved to explore the Besa Mafia website himself.

He created a customer account, calling himself Boaty McBoatFace and requested a hit on a fictional person he called Bob the Builder. In doing so, he spotted a way to gather intelligence on the website: each message sent on the platform was assigned a unique numeric ID. Sure enough, Besa Mafia was a scam. Every conversation followed an identical template. Customers submitted the details of the person they wanted killed and the method they preferred — for instance, a hit that looked like an accident would be more expensive.

To prove they had the wherewithal to pay, they were required to make an advance bitcoin transfer to a digital wallet — from which, the website assured, its clients would be able to withdraw their funds any time. Yura would claim to take swift action, before a period of prevarication: the hitman had been stopped for a traffic violation, or for illegal possession of a gun. A more professional assassin could be hired, but that would cost more bitcoin.

Some customers kept paying, as Yura led them on for months. Others requested a refund, which never came. Yura kept all the bitcoin. But Besa Mafia was more than just any run-of-the-mill scam: Monteiro realised that it was a fully fledged fake news operation. A California-based person going by name Thcjohn2 had written to the website offering his services as an assassin.

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He then asked him to enact and video a fake murder, with the help of a friend and a replica gun. Yura had also set up a galaxy of micro-websites on the regular web, which spread the word about Besa Mafia under the pretence of denunciating it. One such freelancer, a Kolkata-based consultant called Santosh Sharma, told me in July that Yura — who had used the name of Andreeab when dealing with him — had paid him in bitcoin.

Sharma says that he is no longer working for Yura. The marketing strategy seemed to have paid off. And there was a flipside to the scam: the message archive was essentially a kill list — of targets, of conflicts, and instigators. Of people who other people wanted to kill.

Could this archive be evidence — or even be used to pre-empt murders? This scam was different, fundamentally different, from any scam I had seen before.

“Pittsburgh Phil” Strauss

The people who are using it are the dangerous people, more than the scammer himself. The clients are the bad guys. The website attracted customers from every corner of the world. There were some trolls who put in joke requests, but most users were serious. Monteiro turned for help to a friend of his — a scammer-baiter who adopted the nom de guerre Judge Judy — and together they created a program to systematically scrape messages from Besa Mafia.

Monteiro, instead, started compiling a list of the most dangerous users, ranked by how much they paid and how determined to see the murder through they appeared. He says he tried to get the police involved — again, with little success.

Brief History of Hitmen and Assassinations (Brief Histories) by Richard Belfield (2011-01-01)

It was the third hack Besa Mafia had suffered in four months. It would also be the final — and decisive — one. In late April , a hacker known as bRspd had infected the website by uploading a malicious file instead of the picture of a target. The hack — together with a second, nearly identical attack bRspd carried out in June — set several events in motion.

Yura reassured his customers that the leak was not a big deal. There are no bitcoin lost. He found emails in which Yura talked about buying a much-needed English course, messages to freelancers about advertising and shill sites, and data on bitcoin payments. There was no long-term plan or complex rationale behind the decision. I can talk about the greater good It's many things — my individual focus shifts day to day. The new page showed the picture of a closed, rusty door. Under the Besa Mafia logo, they left a message:.

After some email exchanges with an operative — who did not use his real name — Monteiro was invited for a confidential meeting in central London. He suggested that the targets should be told what was going on and flagged up that Yura, undeterred by the Besa fiasco, was now operating a new assassination market, called Crime Bay.

Monteiro claims that the officers said they would be in touch again for an information handover, but did not ask him to show them the data he had brought to the meeting, which was on his laptop. Always the wikipedian, Monteiro had begun to structure his trove of Besa Mafia-related information in a password-protected BesaWiki. Dogdaygod first messaged Yura in February He was eager to kill a woman living in Cottage Grove, Minnesota.

He was open-minded about the method — initially pushing for a hit-and-run, or a deliberate traffic collision, but later suggesting rasher systems, such as shooting the target and burning her house down. Dogdaygod displayed a virulent animosity towards his target.

Jennifer Pan Documentary

He pretended to be the hacker, hoping to stop Dogdaygod from badgering him, and make some money on the side. That happened on May 20, The Allwines said they had no idea of who could be hiding behind the Dogdaygod persona. Six months later, Amy Allwine was dead.

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On November 13, her husband called and said he had found her body in her bedroom. Allwine was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison in February Monteiro says that he was devastated when Allwine was arrested. Up to that point, the idea that he could have saved lives — that the kill list he had been frantically trying to hand to law enforcement had a portentous power — had essentially been a thought experiment.

But then it really happened.

Hitman jailed for shooting at a housewife in a planned assassination

Weeks went by. Monteiro walked across his beige-carpeted living room, towards the front door: he had heard a strange noise. Seconds later, a red battering ram smashed through the white door and armed police officers rushed in. They pushed Monteiro against the wall and handcuffed him. After about 15 minutes, they put Monteiro into the back of a van and drove him to the nearest police station. At the station, an NCA officer told him he had been arrested for incitement to murder, in connection with Besa Mafia. In early Stephen Allwine, who had tried to hire a killer under the false name "Dogdaygod", was sentenced to life for murdering his wife.

I t appeared that Monteiro had been arrested on the basis of a misinformation campaign.