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The shortage of dollars in Europe results partly from the pullback of American money market funds, which cut their investments in European banks by 42 percent between the end of May and the end of October, according to Fitch Ratings. The retreat from France was particularly severe, with funds cutting their exposure by 69 percent. It also reflects the broader collapse of funding for European banks, which have been extremely reluctant to lend to each other, and are having trouble selling bonds to investors.

As a result, banks took billion euros in funding from the European Central Bank last week, the most since early The most recent loan to the European Central Bank, which carried an interest rate of 1. The other central banks said they had also agreed to make similar loans of their own currencies as necessary, but they noted that the only extraordinary demand at present was for dollars. Lacker, who is an alternate member of the committee this year, voted in place of Charles Plosser, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, who was unable to participate.

The arrangements carry little risk for the Fed, which swaps the dollars for the currency of the borrowing country together with a commitment to reverse the transaction at the same exchange rate. The loans also modestly profitable, as the foreign central banks remit to the Fed the interest payments that they collect from borrowers.

The Fed operated a similar program with a broader range of central banks from December through February , and later allowed it to lapse because demand had dried up amidst signs of improvement in the global economy. But the Fed was quickly forced to reverse course, announcing the current program in May The difference reflects the reality that European banks are in much more trouble.

The Hickman Mills C-1 district feared students would otherwise go to bed hungry. Millions of American schoolchildren are receiving free or low-cost meals for the first time as their parents, many once solidly middle class, have lost jobs or homes during the economic crisis, qualifying their families for the decades-old safety-net program.

Eleven states, including Florida, Nevada, New Jersey and Tennessee, had four-year increases of 25 percent or more, huge shifts in a vast program long characterized by incremental growth. The Agriculture Department has not yet released data for September and October. In Sylva, N. In Las Vegas, where the collapse of the construction industry has caused hardship, 15, additional students joined the subsidized lunch program this fall.

In Rochester, unemployed engineers and technicians have signed up their children after the downsizing of Kodak and other companies forced them from their jobs. Many of these formerly middle-income parents have pleaded with school officials to keep their enrollment a secret. Among the first to call attention to the increases were Department of Education officials who use subsidized lunch rates as a poverty indicator in federal testing.

Much more than documents.

Dawson, who has a year-old daughter. This is what they were for. Although the troubled economy is the main factor in the increases, experts said, some growth at the margins has resulted from a new way of qualifying students for the subsidized meals, known as direct certification.

The number of districts doing so has been rising — as have the number of school-age children in families eligible for food stamps, to 14 million in from 12 million in By , the program was providing 22 million lunches on an average day, about a fifth of them subsidized. Since then, the subsidized portion has grown while paid lunches have declined, but not since have so many additional children become eligible for free lunches as in fiscal year , 1. All 50 states have shown increases, according to Agriculture Department data.

In Florida, which has 2. In Tennessee, the number of students receiving subsidized meals has grown 37 percent since Dominique Strauss-Kahn. A propos de Edwards Jay Epstein.. Qu'est-ce qu'il remarque? Kennedy assassination. Subsequently Epstein has reported on the business aspects of Hollywood entertainment. He wrote notes on the book Lord of the Flies and brought the book to its publicity today. He is the oldest of two brothers. Books by Edward Jay Epstein. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, le 1er juillet Source : afp. Le Sofitel de New York. Des questions He had already been warned by a friend in the French diplomatic corps that an effort would be made to embarrass him with a scandal.

The warning that his BlackBerry might have been hacked was therefore all the more alarming. He had no time to do anything about it that morning. He had scheduled an early lunch with his twenty-six-year-old daughter Camille, a graduate student at Columbia, who wanted to introduce him to her new boyfriend. He had finished packing his suitcase just before noon, according to his own account, and then took a shower in the bathroom, which is connected to the bed in the suite by an interior corridor. At this point, according to his account, he encountered the maid in the corridor by the bathroom.

The maid, for her part, says she encountered him coming out of the bedroom. The call lasted for forty seconds. The maid has brought a civil suit claiming he used force. It is not clear when she left the room since key card records do not show times of exit. He carried with him only one small overnight bag and a briefcase which contained his iPad and several spare phones and took the elevator to the lobby.

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He was delayed by heavy traffic on Sixth Avenue. The restaurant camera shows that he arrived at Camille was with her new boyfriend. It was the phone he had arranged to have examined for bugs in Paris and it was the phone that contained the earlier text message warning him about the interception of his messages. Camera footage at the restaurant shows her crawling under the table.

Back at the Sofitel, meanwhile, Nafissatou Diallo, the maid he had encountered in the presidential suite, had told hotel security that she had been sexually assaulted by a client in that suite. A thirty-two-year-old immigrant from Guinea, she had been working at the Sofitel for three years. Mike King.

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A schematic drawing of the twenty-eighth floor of the Sofitel New York, with the presidential suite, room , that was occupied by Dominique Strauss-Kahn on May 13 and The nearby room was entered at least three times on May 14 by the Sofitel maid Nafissatou Diallo. Then, one to two minutes later, she went back to the now empty presidential suite. A few minutes after that, she encountered another housekeeper, her supervisor, in the corridor. In the course of their conversation, Diallo asked the supervisor what would happen if a hotel guest took advantage of a hotel employee.

Initially, Diallo told her that this was only a hypothetical question; but then, when pressed further, she said that she had been assaulted by the guest in the presidential suite. She is wearing a beige uniform, and is accompanied by Renata Markozani, whom she towers over. She is five feet ten inches tall. He then rushed to the hotel. While en route, according to his cell phone records, he called a number with a prefix in the United States.

But from these records neither the name nor the location of the person he called can be determined. When I called the number a man with a heavy French accent answered and asked whom I wanted to speak with at Accor. Before joining Accor Group in , he had worked closely in the police with Ange Mancini, who is now coordinator for intelligence for President Sarkozy.

Querry, at the time that Sheehan was making his call to the number, was arriving at a soccer match in Paris where he would be seated in the box of President Sarkozy. Graff was responsible that weekend for handling emergencies at Accor Group hotels, including the Sofitel in New York.

Autour de l'iconographie gersonienne

Even jokes can have a basis. Yearwood had just come down from the presidential suite on the twenty-eighth floor, which he had entered at , according to the key records. Yearwood remained close to Diallo as she spoke to Adrian Branch, the security chief for the hotel, who remained behind the half-shut door of the security office.

She can be seen gesturing with her hands for about four minutes, pointing to different parts of her body over and over again, suggesting she was telling and retelling her story. These statements, along with others in this article, were confirmed by sources who prefer to remain anonymous but are known to the author, who has shared his information with the editors.

Francs-maçons: l'Afrique aux premières loges

For this article, along with court and other legal documents, I had access to Sofitel electronic key swipe records, time-stamped security camera videotapes, and records for a cell phone used on the day of May 14 by John Sheehan, a security employee of Accor, the company that owns the Sofitel hotel. I had access to the record of only one cell phone used by the Accor Group's security man, John Sheehan. Neither Sheehan nor the hotel's security director, Adrien Brand, returned my calls. Through an assistant Brian Yearwood, the hotel's chief engineer, said he had no comment. At , Sheehan, still on the way to the hotel, sent a text message to Yearwood.

And then another text message to an unidentified recipient at At —one hour after Diallo had first told a supervisor that she had been assaulted by the client in the presidential suite—Adrian Branch placed a call to the police.

Chroniques criminelles Affaire du RER A

Less than two minutes later, the footage from the two surveillance cameras shows Yearwood and an unidentified man walking from the security office to an adjacent area. This is the same unidentified man who had accompanied Diallo to the security office at PM. There, the two men high-five each other, clap their hands, and do what looks like an extraordinary dance of celebration that lasts for three minutes. They are then shown standing by the service door leading to 45th Street—apparently waiting for the police to arrive—where they are joined at PM by Florian Schutz, the hotel manager.

A minute later, at PM , the footage shows two uniformed police officers arriving and then accompanying Diallo to an adjoining office. It is unclear if the police officially took over the case at this time or later. There is so far no explanation for why the security staff had delayed the call to the NYPD that would lead a scandal involving the possible future president of France. What is clear is that they did so just three minutes after receiving a message from Sheehan.

Nor is it clear why the two men were celebrating.

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