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According to Carme Forcadell , president of the ANC at that time, it was "a symbol of the unity of Catalan people to achieve national sovereignty". Catalan Way took place the next year. According to the Baltic Way's manifesto, "A common European home can only [be] set up if all European nations are granted a free right to self-determination ".

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The Catalan autonomy protest was a demonstration held in central Barcelona on 10 July against the limits set to the autonomy of Catalonia within Spain, and particularly against a then recent decision of the Spanish Constitutional Court to annul or reinterpret several articles of the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia , approved in referendum by Catalonia saw several local referenda for independence take place in hundreds of villages between 13 September and April , with an overwhelming number of "yes" votes being cast. The Catalan independence demonstration , organized by the Catalan National Assembly , argued that Catalonia should become an independent state within the European Union, under the slogan "Catalonia, new state in Europe".

More than 22, people were registered during the first 24 hours and over 78, the first week. During the summer, some practice runs of the Catalan Way took place in several cities around Catalonia. More than 8, Catalans and supporters of Catalonia's independence participated in the International Catalan Way. Fifteen far-right people holding pre-constitutional, Falange , National Alliance flags assaulted the official ceremony of the Catalan National Day in the Catalan Government Centre in Madrid.

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Among the wounded there were elderly people and a five-year-old girl. The Catalan National Assembly claimed that the day after the Catalan Way the Catalan government should set the date and the question of self-determination referendum in Catalonia, that "should be able to answer with a yes or no". European Commission spokesmen showed "great respect" for the Catalan Way and said they were "aware of its importance", although they recalled that the EU executive "can not interfere" in the internal affairs of member states.

Latvia 's PM Valdis Dombrovskis said it would recognize Catalonia as independent state, if declared in a legitimate process. Dombrovskis said: "If there is a clear will of the people and need for a referendum, we need to take that into account and seek means to make it real" [ Latvia, however, considers the question an internal matter of Spain and PM's press secretary latter said that PM had tried to remain neutral instead of showing support to the Catalan cause.

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He also said he was "very pleased" that the Lithuanian example "inspire" the Catalan independence clamor. After the pressure of Spanish diplomacy, [44] [45] [46] [47] Lithuania's Foreign Ministry posted a statement expressing "concern over the tendentious and erroneous interpretation" by the Spanish press over the Lithuanian position. The statement said, "The Soviet occupation of the Baltic nations cannot be compared with the situation in Spain.

Catalan Way at the Parliament of Catalonia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Catalan Way section in Via Augusta street, Tarragona. Previous Catalan Way in Lisbon , on 30 August. Previous Catalan Way in Paris, on 2 September.

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  4. Previous Catalan Way in Stockholm , on 31 August. Catalan Way in Amposta. Catalan Way in Tarragona. Catalan Way at the Camp Nou. Catalan Way on Colom Avenue, Barcelona. Catalan Way in Badalona.

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    Catalan Way in Palafolls. Catalan Way in Pont de Molins. Catalan Way in Figueres. Wall Street Journal. The Washington Post. Associated Press.

    Retrieved 1 July News Catalonia. World Bulletin.

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