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Systematic Theology: Volume 1, The Doctrine of God

Such facts can only be understood if a pre-existent human soul is assumed. With this we are With this we are already confronted with reincarnation. Today, this finds, rightly, more and more recognition, because everything speaks for it. That is why a general rethinking is necessary.

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How the Church has dealt with reincarnation from its beginnings to the present day shows that the dogma of a unique life on earth never experienced any real justification. Bibliology 3, Which Bible? We explore the reasoning behind abandoning the Majority Text Hypothesis, and the resolution to the ensuing turmoil: No doubt the newly founded churches in Ephesus and Asia Minor struggled with a lack of understanding as well and, therefore, were plagued with many of the same issues.

She is one body—including both Jews and Gentiles. As a scientific discipline, dogmatics does not stand for or against the doctrines it studies.

Dogmatic research serves the Christian church by conducting objective and critical research about its traditions. This research also serves society: Ecumenics examines the Creeds and the theological thinking behind ecumenism, the quest for Christian unity. Ecumenics is the academic research of ecumenism and related issues, which was born out of the ecumenical movement. A key area of ecumenics is the expertise in Lutheran ecumenical foundations and Luther's theology.

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Other research interests include ecumenical movements, ecumenical theology and the Creeds, interfaith dialogue, and the prerequisites of ecumenism. Theological and social ethics examines ethical theories and questions of moral behaviour. It covers the history of ethics from Antiquity and the beginning of Christianity, including the Aristotelian tradition of virtues, the Augustinian theory of free will, and scholastic and reformative theories of humans and the concepts of right and wrong.

Our research topics thus touch on many ethically significant global issues. Social ethics, applied ethics, bioethics, and ethical issues in medicine and economy also fall under the scope of theological ethics. The philosophy of religion is concerned with philosophical questions and notions related to religion. The definition of illumination, why it is necessary, and how we come to know truth.

The critceria for canonicity is then discussed and why the canon is now closed i. Can God be known?

A Sherlock Holmes Adventure: The Devil's Foot

Le Poete Cal-Levy- R. Le Tueur PDF complete. Mortels Abimes PDF complete.

Ne Vous Fachez Pas, Imogene! Qui A Tue L Astrologue?

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Manual Seelenreise zu Ihrer Heilung (German Edition)

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