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Perkins' Murder Once Removed is sure to be the belle of the ball. Perkins expertly weaves the past and present together as ancestry detective Lucy Lancaster traces an old bloodline that leads her into the heart of danger in the lone star state. Perfect porch reading.

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Pour yourself a glass of sweet tea and cozy up with this Texas gem that is sure to leave you hankering for more. The Austin, Texas setting makes for a rich atmosphere and some rapturous descriptions of Tex-Mex food. Murder Once Removed kicks off this series with a bang.

By Alex Calamela

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(1975) "Barnaby Jones" episode "Murder Once Removed" ♦ PAMELA FRANKLIN

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Help us improve this page. About this item. A glass of iced tea was within easy reach, but not where it could accidentally spill on any of the photos and documents that were laid out across the rest of the round table.

The mid-October temperatures in San Antonio were still in the high seventies, with pristine blue skies visible out the small bay window behind me. It overlooked a modest grass yard shaded on one side by a huge pecan tree and graced on the other side by a little white gazebo encircled by one last flush of deep-red Chrysler Imperial roses, a handful of which were being cut by Betty-Anne to go in a vase on her coffee table. Glancing out, I could see her fluffy gray hair lifting slightly with the breeze as she leaned over, colorfully embroidered Mexican dress billowing, to cut another stem.

She was a wonderful storyteller and as sweet as I'd imagined, with lovely brown eyes that sparkled when she laughed, and an infectious, impish smile.

Proving herself a true Southern grandmother as well, she constantly called me "shug," fed me like I was a starving street urchin, and smelled permanently of Shalimar, leaving behind a gentle waft of it wherever she went. I'd learned a lot about Betty-Anne's great-grandfather as I helped her organize and catalog the detritus of his life.

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While the story she knew of Jeb witnessing Seth Halloran's death was as short and unilluminating as expected, I'd soon found that Jeb had left behind an impressive body of photographic work, capturing images of both the citizens of San Antonio and the city itself as it was growing. I told Gus, "He'd even taken several photos of the Alamo, just a few years after the battle for Texas's independence had taken place. They're all amazing, truly. I'm hoping she'll think the photos are as special as I do and want the entire collection for an exhibit.

Then the whole world will be able to see Jeb's photos, in person or online. One was full of photos, all small portrait stills of local San Antonians, each in a hinged case that kept out the light. He'd labeled most of them, too, so we know who they are.

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  4. Anyway, Betty-Anne and I were talking away about little things, like the way the women dressed in the late nineteenth century and how fashion has changed so much over the years, when I pulled out the last case and looked inside. What I saw was Gus's reply was unintelligible, which meant he was concentrating on peering through his reading glasses at his computer screen. The creaking sound I heard told me he was sitting in his leather office chair on the top floor of the all-glass Halloran Incorporated Building in downtown Austin, where, despite being past normal retirement age, he was still president of the international corporation that bore his family name.

    I heard the double click of his mouse, a sharp intake of breath, and a whispered, "Holy blue blazes," as he finally saw the photo of his great-great-grandfather, dead in the San Antonio dirt. I couldn't believe it. I, Lucy Lancaster, humble genealogist, had rendered speechless one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in Texas. Hot damn! I did a little happy dance in my chair until Gus clicked on the second file and said, "Lancaster, this wide-shot photo is terrible. The leather frame is clear all right, but this infernal glare on the photo is making it impossible for me to see my great-great-grandfather.

    Spell it for me, too, so I can write it in my notes. It was the most advanced form of photography in the mid-nineteen hundreds, especially for portrait photographers like Jeb Inscore. Gus liked learning new information as much as I did. It had been another shared connection we'd discovered once I started working with him. There's also glass covering the photo to keep the air out, and it's sealed with paper tape.

    Removing the tape and letting in air could cause the daguerreotype to oxidize, so Betty-Anne is letting me take it and the Alamo photos to Winnie. The Hamilton Center has experts in photo restoration to make sure everything will stay in tip-top shape. Picking up the case, I ran my gloved finger gently over the protective glass and the image of thirty-four-year-old Seth Halloran. His clear eyes were fixed and ghostlike as they stared lifelessly up to the sky, and his dark coat was flung open, revealing the portion of his white linen shirt over his heart to be ripped and stained with blood.

    Houston Author S.C. Perkins, "Murder Once Removed"

    His felt top hat, common for a gentleman of the time, had tumbled down off his head and lay on its side at the edge of the photo. One of his legs was straight while the other was bent at the knee, yet his dark woolen trousers and suspenders were still perfectly in place. Only a small amount of dust had dirtied them. On the other end of the line, Gus cleared his throat. The photo might not be able to prove murder," I said, excitement bubbling in my stomach at getting to reveal my other find, "but Jeb Inscore's journal sure does.

    They were all the definition of tame, except for the one from In that one, Jeb explained exactly what he saw that day in February.

    Murder Once Removed – The BOLO Books Review | BOLO BOOKS

    I'm sending you scans of the journal pages now, but they're a little hard to read, so I'm also sending you the audiobook version. Placing my thumb on the tablet's fingerprint-recognizing home button made the screen light up. Barely glancing down, I attached the recordings and hit send. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist.

    USD Buy Online, Pick up in Store is currently unavailable, but this item may be available for in-store purchase. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview The first mystery in the Ancestry Detective series by S. About the Author S. I hit speed dial and tucked the phone between my ear and shoulder. Not a name you hear often.

    Though at present, I felt he might disown me if I didn't get on with my explaining. Thank you. Lancaster, you know I would think this was fascinating at any other point For several long seconds, there was nothing but stunned silence on the other end of the line. It's dang near perfect, no reflection at all. I was on fire! Give me the gist. Excerpted by permission of St.