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I would get through them pretty quickly, and would often find myself back at the library a couple of days later. I just loved following the drama of Amy and always dreamed of going out to a ranch in Virginia, where the novels were set. The stories are ideal for young pony mad children.

I was around seven when I read them. I found Thunderhead particularly moving at a young age, and I was gripped by the story lines as well as the bond between the boy and his horse. It explains the rules and stereotypes in hilarious detail with countless innuendos throughout.

I told her it was obviously about eventing — the title was lost on me until a few years later! I know Josephine was an MBE, but frankly the Pullein-Thompson sisters should all have been made dames for their services to pony books. This week at Pony Club camp is beyond perfect and all adults will be filled with a wonderful nostalgia for their camp days reading it. None of these horses were mine — I never did get the proverbial pony — but I loved them all the same.


At 8, 10, and 12 years old, I rarely felt more free and at one with myself than on the back of a horse, galloping alongside one of my best friends. They kept me grounded.

They kept me busy. And they kept me more or less out of trouble. The Black Stallion is a classic and for good reason. First published in , the story is timelessly engaging. As a boy, Alec Ramsey is shipwrecked on a deserted island with a wild horse.

Horses meet Donkey for the FIRST TIME!

Alec and the Black Stallion come to build a singular bond that lasts for the ages — and for countless sequels. Another classic, this one written and set in 19th century London and told from the point of view of the horse. A Newbery Honor book, not that I knew it at the time I read it.

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All these years later, I still have it on my shelf: the same battered copy of Misty of Chincoteague that I first read as a kid. Somewhere on the east coast, there was an actual island populated by wild ponies, and once a year, just like in the book, they were rounded up to swim the channel, and then the foals were auctioned off, sometimes even to kids like me. My best friend and I went into overdrive. We put together a proposal called The Pony Project, which suggested our parents might let us travel to Chincoteague for Pony Penning Day and bid on a horse of our own.

We wanted wild ponies. We wanted salt air and islands. We wanted Misty. But there was nothing to do except move on to other books in the series and keep dreaming of Chincoteague from afar. We stood on the edge of the water and watched the horses swim across to the island, watched them later trot through the town, a damp and high-strung herd, watched the fast-talking auctioneer dole out ponies to lucky winners.

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There were a few that looked just like Misty. I had to promise my friend not to let me bid on one. Still, it was like a piece of magic. It was like stepping into a page from your childhood. It was like watching all your nine-year-old dreams come to life. As a teenager, I loved that I could read a grown up book with some grown up content!

15 Equestrians Pick the Best Books for Young Horse Lovers

I could discuss the book with my adult relatives who were just as interested as I was. I recommend it to any older teen who loves horses and stories about horses but is ready for a more mature read. A practicing small animal vet, she lives in Manhattan with her family. When I think back on the fantasy series I adored above all else when I was a kid, three very specific images come to mind: a girl with red hair and purple eyes, a very sassy magical cat, and the best mare in the entire world—Moonlight.

And do they ever! Their journey is a delight to read and re-read. She also answer to Professional Book Enabler. I was in second grade and had devoured every horse book on the planet, when my teacher, Mrs. Fentress, gave me a copy of this book.

Book Two of the Horses of Oak Valley Ranch

She knew about my horse obsession and love of riding. She was also aware that I was becoming closer and closer to having my passion taken away due to a diagnosis of severe scoliosis and the growing likeliness that I would need back surgery and never be able to ride again. I remember immediately begging my parents to take me to the local book store where I bought the first four books in the series. Now, at years old, I still reread the entire series at least once every couple of years.

Jessica Burkhart JessicaBurkhart is the author of the Canterwood Crest series editor note: Canterwood Crest is an exceptional series option for your young horse lover. I read all of them -Cristin. While most of my fourth grade class was playing kickball and jumping rope on the playground, I spent most of my recesses roping my friends into increasingly elaborate adventures involving imaginary unicorns, dragons, and a world called Luster. Like a lot of horse-obsessed kids, I was also pretty partial to unicorns, and in Into the Land of the Unicorns I encountered the most exciting, fully developed unicorn world I could have imagined.

More than anything, I loved—and still love—that the Unicorn Chronicles gave a smart, strong, and empathetic girl a lot like me the chance to lead her own adventure. I was always horse-crazy, carrying around my stuffed, bedraggled pony everywhere, but then I began to read, and I discovered a new form of horse craziness.

The Billy and Blaze series fueled my desire to have a true companion like Blaze who would accompany me on adventures.