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This was not the sports section either.

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This was the front page. Confusion gripped me and I had to take a large swallow of mimosa before I could read on. But sure enough, it seemed every page of this newspaper had soccer news and information.

Heaven's Last Stand - Special_A and Soccer[bum] vs Clan Aura

The sports section was dominated by soccer. Sure, baseball, tennis, golf and assorted other games were represented, but the beautiful game was the focus.

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After shoveling down the huevos rancheros, I came in off the balcony and plopped down in a plush king size bed. There was soccer on. It was not even a. Had I forgotten about an important World Cup qualifier?

This idea has been made real

No, it was just two teams, neither of whose name I had ever heard, battling on a dark pitch in front of a sparse, but engrossed audience. I too became fascinated by the match, despite the fact I knew nothing of the teams or the players. When the match ended, another one immediately began. And then another. Soccer was apparently on all day every day.

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The sun-drenched beaches and the glistening bodies that inhabit it were going to have to wait. Another pitcher of mimosas was ordered to my room. Sure, some highlights of Federer pummeling an opponent like the waves against the shore were slipped in.

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  8. But soccer was King. I knew I had to be dreaming. I avoided anything and everything that could wake me from this beautiful dream. A knock rapt the door. This simple phrase from young Thomas led to the development of a trip to the United Arab Emirates for the edition of the Asian Football Confederation Cup.

    Our Stories: This Is Soccer Heaven

    Having missed the boat for the world cup in Russia this was the next best thing. The War Elephants, the White Wolves, the Lions of Mesopotamia, Green Falcons and the somewhat tamely named Socceroos amongst others were to do battle for the right to become the champions of Asian football. We ended up with 19 travellers, the majority without an iota of interest in soccer! Oh, we did go to some soccer matches as well nine for the most committed among us!

    Awkward when one of our group wore a Qatar shirt to the Saudi Arabia v Qatar match. We all returned happy and healthy from the trip. Michelle from Spot On Travel and my traveling companions made the trip lots of fun and a great adventure. The cup is done and dusted.

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