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Roadside Cave

Lussert Summit m a Mountain sinked into oblivion. Save Add photos See all photos.

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Log in to vote. Images 20 Comments. Page Type: Article Activities: Mountaineering. In reality it is as the top completely autonomous and linked to the previous one by a large terrace in the shape of the collar which, due to the constant regression of snowfall blankets, was, inside, born a tiny pond, that can compete with the Summit on the Roccia Viva Gran Paradiso Group. Scenic attractions are significant because in the middle East and limited only by the presence of Leppe, but ranging on the Gran Paradiso Group, neighbors Tersiva, Emilius and the whole Pennine in the North.

A great undertaking worthy of the best mountaineering exploration of a "Gold Period" , unfortunately no longer repeatable.

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We, too, with the friends Marco Cossard said "Crevassino" and "Peppino" Lamazzi, which we reached after 75 years I think that we were the seconds! June 29th, , in the "Day of Fire" of the St. Peter and Paul at Emilius we got "accidentally" being certainly not this the goal: in fact, we carried out the great crossing, starting from Les Druges High in the Valley of Saint Marcel Idea of Marco, a true mountain mule and camel desert and lover of codest Marathons, such as the long stroncar mates!

So neglected that in the book "Guide of Monte Emilius" , even remembered to include the descent through the great rocky couloir of his South Wall; indeed signaled as yet to climb and unexplored.

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I just wanted to forget the drudgery and the thrilling downhill on rocky ribs covered with grass and with the constant fear of falling rocks, so that you descended more with the head facing upstream and not downstream, fearful of the event. Then until July of , I forgot this adventure and I went to explore this ridge, strarting from Laures Hill, just to vary between the routes of the Emilius Group; was a revelation to: it was long but fun and so I started to become familiar with the Lussert, almost always wandering lonely, because they have all the snobbish and prefer Leppe or Lakes Lussert and the Col des Laures, perhaps because view from under a little bit of fear it inspires Ma per dar qualche nota di colore a questa montagna solitaria si deve dire che quando la raggiunsero per primi nel Settembre il famoso Agostino Ferrari col suo Portatore di Montagna di Cogne B.

Anche noi, con Marco Cossard detto "Crevassino" e "Peppino" Lamazzi, che la raggiungemmo 75 anni dopo penso proprio che siam stati i secondi! Talmente trascurata che nel libro "Guida del Monte Emilius" , neppur ricordai d' inserire la discesa tramite il gran canale della sua Parete Sud; anzi la segnalai come ancora da salire ed inesplorata.

Con vedute in basso dall'Emilius e dalla Leppe Any suggestions and recommendations We want to give some indication of the slope suggesting routes safer and more spectacular, as are held mainly on the ridges; at the same time we list some recommendation, which is never too much. Please refresh the page and retry.

Lying in tall grass studded with yellow flowers beside a tranquil lake, Tom Cruise pulls a baseball cap over his face and murmurs dreamily: "I wanted to spend the rest of my life here.

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion [Quest: Fingers Of The Mountain] Ep. 2

Earlier this month, my three children were standing on the spot where Cruise was lying — next to one of the smallest lakes in the June Lake Loop, a mile stretch dotted with large expanses of water that follows an old glacial canyon in the Sierra Nevada in eastern California. The mountains fringing the lake were capped with snow. The grass beneath our feet was icy, not verdant, and no flowers had broken through yet. The only sign that this remote spot had been the scene of intense Hollywood action was a piece of paper pinned to a tree, showing a weathered photograph of the wooden cabin Cruise built in his role as one of the last men on nuclear-devastated Earth in the year "Lake with floating camera platform is on left," it read.

In the movie, Cruise has built the cabin single-handedly. He was hoping the cabin would stay — but it was demolished the moment filming had finished. But no one could stop him renaming the lake, which pre-Cruise was known as Black's Pond. Now he calls it Lake Oblivion. Our visit there was accidental. We had been staying a mile or so away at the Double Eagle Resort and Spa, a collection of well-appointed cabins also owned by Lockhart, situated in woods beneath the majestic 11,ft Carson Peak, which towers overhead, a waterfall tumbling down its side.

Hearing that my two sons, aged 12 and 10, love to fish, Lockhart offered to show us the lake, which is reached off-road down a long, bumpy driveway — or in winter on cross-country skis.

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In one scene in the film, Cruise talks to a trout swimming in the shallows the fish, locals say, was anaesthetised first to make it co-operate. Lockhart showed my sons a photograph of a monstrous 8lb trout caught by one of the film crew. My boys were hooked. They couldn't wait to get started.

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The scenes at the lake, which in Oblivion is perhaps the last habitable place on Earth, were shot days after Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Cruise last summer — so glimpses of Cruise were at a premium. According to Lockhart, paparazzi were scrambling up the steep mountainsides during the five days of filming; security guards on a platform mounted on a high rock intercepted any who got too near.

My sons didn't have any luck with their borrowed fly-fishing rods, either at Lake Oblivion or at nearby Ron's Pond. So we went for a short hike around the lake, then returned to have dinner at the resort's restaurant, Eagle's Landing — smoked local trout followed by trout piccata there are many other options, but we seemed to be stuck on the trout theme that day.

My sons chuckled at a sign on the wall: "Fishing: A jerk on one end of the line waiting for a jerk on the other end. I told her it means that some people find fishing boring — a sentiment with which she heartily agreed.

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She was far more enthusiastic about the rest of our trip. We had just spent three days skiing at Mammoth, 20 minutes down the road: one of the best ski resorts in the West, well geared towards families and with a ski season lasting well into June and sometimes as late as Fourth of July. Although many of the higher slopes are gnarly enough to excite the most experienced skiers, more than 30 per cent of the runs are suitable for beginners.

We chose to stay in "The Village", a series of condominium buildings surrounded by restaurants and shops. What it lacked in Alpine quaintness, it more than made up for in convenience. A few steps from the front door of our apartment was a gondola that ran directly to the ski lifts. We didn't need our car once. My children, who hadn't skied for a couple of years, joined the ski school — which they loved.

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  • Groups were small and the instructors almost all first-rate, going out of their way to make sure the children had fun and were safe. One instructor, Tory, later emailed me — unsolicited — several photographs she had taken of one of my sons skiing in her class.