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Catalogo dei manoscritti Polironiani. Biblioteca Comunale di Mantova mss. Cazier Pierre. Chase Colin. Christine de Pizan and the Categories of Difference. Marilynn Desmond ed. Medieval Geschlechterdebatten seit dem Royal L'approche choisie par C. En comparaison avec l'Ovide BNF, ms. Angelica, ms. Les articles de Mary Anne C. Case et de M. Leur approche diverge pourtant en ce que M.


Finalement, signalons l'article de M. Cimelia Sangallensia.

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Hundert Kostbarkei- ten aus der Stifsbibliothek St. Prix: CHF. La partie provient de Saint-Gall ou du sud de l'Allemagne entre autres Reichenau [num. Les mss les plus anciens. Par ailleurs, on note un num.

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Claassens Gert H. Ein Klever Totentanz? Neu entdeckte Fragmente. Jahrhundert entdeckt, die aus derselben Hs. Nach der ausfuhrlichen dialektologischen Analyse ist der Text wahrschein- lich im Klever Raum anzusiedeln. Als vergleich- bare Rollen bzw. Cockshaw Pierre. Note sur De Dynter. Collodo Silvana. The Community, the Family and the Saint. Patterns of Power in Early Medieval Europe. Edited by Joyce Hill and Mary Swan. International Medieval Research, 4. Prix: Euro Condello Emma.

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  4. Tra Littera textualis e Littera bastarda: scritture e codici di Guillaume de Breuil. Scrittura e Civiltd, 19, , p. Actif pendant le dernier quart du XIVe s. Die conste vanden getale. Een studie over Nederlandstalige rekenboeken uit de vijftiende en zestiende eeuw, met een glossarium van reken- kundige termen.

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    Marjolein Kool. The dissertation deals with arithmetic books in Middle Dutch, dating from roughly the half of the fifteenth, and the sixteenth century. Kool has brought together a corpus of such arithmetic books. The twelve and twenty-four printed editions are all the until now known sources of this period. Some of them are copies or reprints of earlier works. The concentrates on two central research questions concerning this corpus p. Which kind of arithmetical instruction method was used in these books: what was taught, and how? What contribution did these books make to the development of the mathematics in general in the Netherlands, and to some aspects in particular, such as the development of the arithmetical terminology?

    In this review it is of course impossible to sum up all the manuscripts and post- incunabula treated in this book. But one can distinguish several more or less important key-works from the others, and they will be listed here below. There are three fifteenth- century manuscripts which contain Middle Dutch arithmetic texts: Basel, UL, ms. B 20, p. One other sixteenth-century manuscript is Brussels, BR, ms. The most important post- incunabula are Amsterdam, UL, Ned.

    Plantin-Moretus, R The book is divided into eight chapters and several appendices. The first chapter describes briefly the most important arithmetic developments in the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance. Chapter two contains a description of the arithmetical instruction in the Netherlands in the fifteenth and sixteenth century.

    The third and fourth chapters deal at length and in great detail with the contents of the Middle Dutch arithmetic books. One of the most chapters is chapter five, where the target groups the autors had in mind are treated.

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    The books were meant for a young, male audience. They used these books for their education as merchants or administrative practitioners. How complex the between the arithmetic books sometimes were, both in the Netherlands as in the surrounding is described in chapter six. Detailed diagrams,. The seventh chapter discusses the development of the Dutch arithmetical terminology in the sixteenth century. The processes of vernacularization of an original Latin terminology are convincingly The eighth and last chapter is merely a short explanation of the programme on the diskette which is appended to this study.

    It contains a glossary of all the arithmetical words and expressions that are found in the arithmetic books. The meaning of each word is given, and one can also read the quotations in which they are found.

    Table of contents

    The diskette has proved to be a very substantial and well-organised supplement to the text of the dissertation for the curious reader. The sometimes complex contents of the book are enlivened by an exeptional by great number of mostly copies of textual parts of the works dealing with calculating and arithmetical rules , and of citations from the used works of the corpus.

    The show how imaginative the — one cannot put it otherwise — mostly rather dull calculations were presented to the readers.

    Beautiful examples are to be found on p. Citations and their word explanations seem to be very accurate, and are clearly from the main text by printing them in two In some cases Kool seems to slighly underestimate the reader though, when she gives the same word explanation more than once on one page see for instance p.

    - list of books with ISBNs.

    Despite the very detailed pioneering that Kool has done on the Middle Dutch arithmetic books, her dissertation has some, mostly minor, A few of them should be named here. Of course these functions might well fall together in one but sometimes it would have been important to treat them separately, for determining the true of the relationships with the sources p. Kool has had to order her corpus in a way that is understandible and recognizable, and therefore she gave each book a signature, built up of a of three elements, containing letters and the numerals of the year of writing or printing.

    To be able to refer to and use such a system is but it would have been a lot more convenient for the reader to have introduced this system right- away, and not only near the end of the book on p. The author has made the choice to write her book in the present tense, which works quite surprising anyway.

    But nevertheless it could be respected, had it not been that Kool does not always stick to her choice, by which present tense and past tense alternate each other see for instance pp. Question-marks can also be put about the way in which some of her chapters are ordered. As an example chapter six, about the relations between the arithmetic books. This chapter is hierarchically ordered, from the central, most important textwit- nesses at the top, to the books they are related to at the bottom.

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    But was it really necessary to give D-Man a subparagraph 6. Furthermore there are several small carelessnesses, such as the wrong place of several titles listed in Kools alphabetically ordered bibliography p. The last point to be made here is that Kool does mention that all manuscripts and prints are named in Jansen-Sieben's standard-work on medieval Dutch artes-literature see above , but she does not give the references to this work anywhere, which she should have done.